FreeBuf 早报 | iCloud 私人中继服务被曝泄露用户 IP 地址:研究人员发布 3 个 iOS 0day PoC

研究人员 Sergey Mostsevenko 发现,iCloud 私人中继服务在处理 WebRTC 方面的一个缺陷会「泄露」用户的真实 IP 地址,其在 FingerprintJS 网站提供了一个概念证明。
FreeBuf4 小时前

Choosing Library To Build REST API in Java

API is not a new concept in software engineering. In fact, SOAP was invented in 1998 which was very popular back then, it is still used Today in large enterprise software. Representational State Trans...
DZone / Siddhartha Bhattacharjee9 小时前

Spring Boot Actuator: Production-Ready Features

In the video below, we take a closer LOOK at Spring Boot Actuator: Production-ready features. Let's get started!
DZone / Ram N10 小时前

API Testing With Cucumber

An API represents a set of rules that enables services to communicate with each other. It is important to have a shared understanding of the API by the stakeholders. Behavior Driven Development (BDD)...
DZone / Randhir Singh昨天

Heap and Stack Memory Errors in Java

Heap memory-This is a special memory area where java objects are stored.  Stack memory-Temporary memory area to Store variables when method invoked.

2021 年 11 款最佳的开源 Kubernetes 工具

到 2021 年,几乎所有接触过云基础设施的人都熟悉 Kubernetes 项目。
运维派 / Yong Yue昨天

Annotation-Free Spring

Some, if not most, of our judgments regarding Technology stacks come either from third-party opinions or previous experiences. Yet, we seem to be adamant about them. For a long time (and sometimes eve...
DZone / Nicolas Fränkel昨天

Replacing Docker Desktop With hyperkit + minikube

macOS is a Unix but it isn't a Linux so, unfortunately, if/when we need to use Linux-y things like Docker we need to install a VM just like in the Windows world. That's of course also True for Docker.
DZone / Arnon Rotem-gal-oz昨天

Bash Cheat Sheet: Top 25 Commands and Creating Custom Commands

The command line is something every developer should learn and implement into their Daily routine. It has become a Swiss Army knife of features behind deceptively simple commands, which allow you to g...
DZone / Michael Harrell昨天

Receive Pub/Sub Messages to Your Spring Application

Pub/Sub is a messaging solution provided by GCP. Before we dive into the actual configuration we need to be aware that Spring Cloud for GCP is Now Managed by the Google Cloud Team. Therefore, the late...
DZone / Emmanouil Gkatziouras昨天