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本文是系列文章的第一篇,在这一篇中,我将先来说说前三个步骤,即为某一特定领域设计一门 DSL 的语法 (syntax)、并编写可以解析该 DSL 的 ANTLR 文法 (grammar),生成该 DSL 语法的解析器并验证 ANTLR 文法的正确性 ... 用于描述一门编程语言语法的文法可以不止一种,每种形式语言工具都有自己的表示形式,比如针对 Go 语言语法,我们可以使用 EBNF 给出形式化的文法,也可以使用 ANTLR 专用的形式化文法 ... 在这一篇中,我们了解了开发一门 DSL 的基本流程,我们以一门为气象科学家打造的 DSL 为示例,和大家一起为该 DSL 设计了语法样例,并用 ANTLR4 的文法规则定义了这门 DSL。
Tony Bai / bigwhite
1 小时前
Understand what JDBC drivers are and where to get them, as well as learn how to use an embedded H2 database in addition to the usual suspects like MySQL or Postgres ... While trying to connect to our H2 database, we'll make sure to understand JDBC URLs, including the different vendor peculiarities and how to navigate database vendor websites ... If you Managed to Watch the entire video, you'll be presented with some hints, tips, and resources, that will help you continue your JDBC learning journey on your own.
DZone / Marco Behler
3 小时前
Suppose you are trying to decide whether to use native Mobile application development or a hybrid Mobile application development approach for your Project ... This article focuses on just two of the crucial differences between native and hybrid Mobile application development and may help get your discussions started ... Native Mobile App – The native Mobile application is designed and developed to satisfy One native operating system (OS) using programming and languages specific to that environment.
DZone / Kartik Patel
3 小时前
The development of information Technology (IT) products uses Java, uses Java, a programming language that can run on several platforms ... Additionally, there are a number of places where you can learn Java for free, which means that it should not be challenging to locate Java developers in any nation ... Companies WHO want to outsource their software development Project or grow their development capabilities should consider using specialized Java Development Outsourcing Teams since they are the right option.
DZone / Ethan Millar
4 小时前
To connect your ERP systems, supply chain management tools, email Marketing solution, and social media Apps seamlessly with Salesforce, you need the right set of integration tools and strategies ... To push Data into Salesforce, you can use the platform's built-in Data loaders — Data Import Wizard or Salesforce Data Loader ... ‘When you can’t accomplish your Data goals with built-in tools and native APIs, you have so many third-party Salesforce CRM Integration tools to LOOK at.
DZone / Richa Pokhriyal
5 小时前
With all of this in mind, we highly recommend starting with high-quality consumer-grade GPUs unless you know you will be building or upgrading a large-scale deep learning workstation ... As we mentioned earlier, many GPUs can be used for deep learning, but most of The best GPUs are from NVIDIA ... It was specifically built with deep learning in mind and, as simply as we can say it, shines as the premier choice of GPUs for deep understanding.
DZone / Kevin Vu
6 小时前
A customer Data management platform (CDP) is a Data management system that is designed to collect Data about existing customers from different sources and channels (both online and offline) regardless of their structure or identifier (like phone number, email, cookie files, and so on) ... A huge amount of third-party Data grants Access to a huge number of Data points that are not available in First- or second-party Data ... It gives Access to First-party Data and Insights that can be used for further Marketing campaigns (or just sold as second-and third-party Data).
DZone / Anastasiia Komendantova
6 小时前
It includes a well-balanced combination of NodeJS, Selenium WebDriver, Jasmine, Cucumber, and Mocha — making it a popular web application testing tool ... Performs multi-program testing on commonly used applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, and Edge over a shorter period of time and in a more refined manner ... Because the Protractor is created specifically for Angular Apps, it is recommended that you use One when testing Angular applications.
DZone / Pallavi Singh
7 小时前
When working on the OpenShift Container Platform, a Variety of tasks can be performed using CLI tools aside from managing clusters, applications, and so on ... OpenShift client can be easily downloaded on macOS via binary or web console under Help icon (?) -> Command line tools ... This extension aka Visual Studio Code OpenShift Connector for Red Hat OpenShift, is a Plug-in for IDE that can be used to interact with Red Hat OpenShift clusters.
DZone / Varsha Sharma
7 小时前
The Declarative Pipeline subsystem in Jenkins Pipeline is relatively new, and provides a simplified, opinionated syntax on top of the Pipeline subsystems ... Jenkins declarative pipelines should be the preferred way to create a Jenkins job, as they offer a rich set of features, come with less learning curve, and there are no prerequisites to learn a programming language like Groovy just for the sake of writing pipeline code ... Instead of configuring build steps using UI in a remote Jenkins Portal, we would always recommend you to create a Jenkinsfile with declarative pipeline syntax.
DZone / Praveen Mishra
8 小时前


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