K-Means and SOM: Introduction to Popular Clustering Algorithms

K-means and Kohonen SOM are two of the most widely applied Data clustering algorithms.   Although K-means is a simple Vector quantization method and Kohonen SOM is a neural network model, they’Re rema...
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Monitoring Snowflake Usage

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to monitor Snowflake usage and costs. This article gives a brief summary of the charges on the Snowflake platform, then explains how to monitor Snowfl...
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How to Classify Incidents

What Is Incident Classification? Incident classification is a standardized way of organizing incidents with established categories. Incidents can include outages caused by errors in code, hardware fai...
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Redis 生涯就此结束

尤其最近这几年,我的工作内容变化太大了,我主要的精力都花在了 Redis 代码的维护上,主要就是看看其它的开发者告诉我关于 Redis 的代码该如何改进才能让它变的更快更好 ... 从今天开始,我要把 Redis 留给了 Redis 社区,让我的老战友 Yossi Gottlieb 和 Oran Agra 来继续维护它 ... 我相信我不只是把 Redis 留给了社区里的一堆专家级程序员,还应该包...
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API security Weekly: Issue #91

This week, we check out the recent OAuth bypass at SEMrush, common JWT implementation mistakes and the Semgrep tool, regular expression denial of service (DOS) attacks, and a new online course on OAut...
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Debugging a Segfault in Rust

In this Sentry programming session, we looked at using our error monitoring platform to help debug One of our own native products: Symbolicator. This service is responsible for processing native crash...
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Day 15 of 30 Ruby CODING Challenge - Fibonacci Sequence Recursively

Hey friends! This is the blog Post version of the YouTube video from the 30 Ruby CODING Challenges in 30 Days series...
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Getting Started With Maven For Selenium Testing

While working on a Project for test automation, you’d require all the Selenium dependencies associated with it. Usually these dependencies are downloaded and upgraded manually throughout the Project l...
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Dew Drop – July 9, 2020 (#3230)

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GitHub Actions 简单部署一个 VUE/React 项目

actions 部署前端项目做一个简单的总结,总体来说,我感觉用它想要部署一个前端项目,可以说非常简单,简单得令人震惊🤯 ... 首先我们需要给即将开启 GitHub Actions 的项目一个 token,这步操作的目的是给 shell 脚本的一些行为授权,正所谓没有规矩不成方圆,试想一下,假设有很多人都能向一个项目推送代码,假设某个小子突然有一天推送了一个脚本,这个脚本的目的是为了删除项目,然后项目真的...
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