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大数据时代基于 MongoDB 的金融系统建设案例

该系统架构是采用了开源分布式数据库 MongDB 用于数据存储、统计及分析,应用微服务技术,研发了数据服务总线(DSB),用于服务外部系统的数据查询分析,并集成了 Elasticsearch 实现全行的文本资料搜索引擎 ... 应该说 sharding 提供了完善的业务数据和负载水平扩展的机制,对于物联网、日志系统、历史数据系统和监控系统这类包含 TB 级海量数据的应用场景,使用 MongoDB sharding...
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议程公布!2021 年 MongoDB 中文社区杭州大会

花名宣驰,阿里云数据库产品事业部 MongoDB 产品技术负责人,目前负责阿里云 MongoDB 产品技术开发,致力于打造一流的 MongoDB 服务 ... MongoDB 中文社区 ( 成立于 2014 年,是大中华区获得官方认可的中文社区,由博客、线下活动、技术问答、社群、官方文档翻译等版块组成 ... 中文社区的愿景是: 为广大 MongoDB 中文爱好者创建一个活跃的互助平台。
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影响超过 80 万个 SonicWall VPN 的漏洞,目前仍未完全修复

这是一个基于堆栈的缓冲区溢出漏洞(CVE-2020-5135),影响超过 80 万个 SonicWall VPN。
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绿盟科技博客 / 林涛12 小时前

Revisiting Regular Expression

A regular expression is nothing but a sequence of characters that define a pattern which then can be used to filter or Match information. This article is not a tutorial on regular expression but shows...
DZone / Siddhartha Bhattacharjee14 小时前

The Incident Review: 4 Times When Typos Brought Down Critical Systems

Ask an SRE to name the most serious threats to reliability, and typos probably won’t feature on the list. But maybe they should. Sometimes, an errant keystroke is all it takes to bring critical system...
DZone / JJ Tang14 小时前

Why NoSQL JSON Databases Are So Useful

My family hears ME talk about JSON databases rather frequently. Naturally, I had to explain that Jason is not the owner of my Company! Instead, many Modern databases use JSON as a Data format. They us...
DZone / Jeff Morris15 小时前

When Small Files Crush big data — How to Manage Small Files in Your Data Lake

big data faces an ironic small file problem that hampers productivity and wastes valuable resources. If not Managed well, it slows down the performance of your Data systems and leaves you with stale A...
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REST API Documentation and Client Generation With OpenAPI

Microservices architecture helps in building an application as a suite of multiple fine-grained smaller services. Each of these services run in its own process and are independently deployable. They m...
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