LG V60 leak shows off quad-cameras, 5,000mAh battery, and more (Update: New render)

Update 1:2020/02/21 11:29am PST Since our initial report, a fresh render of the upcoming LG V60 ThinQ has made its way to the internet. With only One picture, there's really not much to LOOK Traditio...
Android Police / Ryan Whitwam20 分钟前

Minuscule ID chips could help Spot even the smallest counterfeits

There are Times when something is simply too small to tag it with existing Technology, and that can be a serious problem when you'Re trying to fight counterfeits. MIT researchers might have a way to...
Engadget / Jon Fingas1 小时前

ProBeat: AI is helping Microsoft Rethink Office for Mobile

VentureBeat / Emil Protalinski1 小时前

Pre-order the Galaxy S20 from Amazon and get free Galaxy Buds+

Now that Samsung has officially detailed the new Galaxy S20 series and the phones are two weeks away from hitting Store shelves, retailers like Amazon are trying to entice consumers to Buy the devices...
Engadget / Igor Bonifacic2 小时前

Slickwraps has been hacked, customer Data is compromised

Poor security has led to multiple breaches into Slickwraps databases Slickwraps is One of the most well-known sellers of vinyl skins for computers, phones, tablets, game consoles, and other product ca...
Android Police / Corbin Davenport2 小时前

洛阳钼业回应特斯拉「弃钴」: 三元锂电池依然主流 享受增长红利...

汽车行业人士介绍,在新能源汽车电池领域,三元锂电池和磷酸铁锂电池各有优势,三元锂电池胜在续航里程,磷酸铁锂电池则在安全方面占优势,因此包括特斯拉在内的乘用车厂商选用三元锂电池,客车厂商青睐磷酸铁锂电池,而电池组成本占整车成本 40% 左右,三元锂电池正极材料又占电池组成本的 40%,正极材料的三种原材料是镍、钴、锰,目前钴是三种原材料中最贵的 ... 洛阳钼业上述负责人认为,人们对特斯拉的消息都很敏感,...
新浪科技3 小时前

MWC 大会被取消 主办方 GSMA 称不向参展商退费

北京时间 2 月 21 日晚间消息,据国外媒体报道,2020 年「世界移动通信大会」(MWC)主办方「全球移动通信系统协会」(GSMA)证实,MWC 因「不可抗力」而取消,将不会向参展商提供退款 ... 受公共卫生事件的影响,GSMA 已于 2 月 13 日宣布,取消 2020 年 MWC 大会 ... GSMA 还表示,希望参展商能耐心等待,因为 GSMA 将提出一些建议,可能会减轻取消 MWC 所带来的潜在影响,并保持 GSMA 与 MW...
新浪科技4 小时前

The DeanBeat: We Don't get to celebrate games enough

VentureBeat / Dean Takahashi4 小时前


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